ISPAC Conferences


ISPAC 2018 Short Course

Date: Sunday, 3 June 2018


Neutron and X-ray Techniques

Brookside A

Advanced Polymer Characterization

Brookside B

Elastic Scattering Methods for Characterizing Structure
Michael Hore, Case Western Reserve University


Inelastic scattering methods for characterizing mobility
Yun Liu, NIST

Emerging Trends in Rheology
Anthony Kotula, NIST

Imaging Soft Materials with X-rays and Neutrons

Emerging Trends in Chromatography
Taihyun Chang, Pohang University

 Composition, molecular orientation, and electronic structure with resonant X-rays 

Advances in Chromatography
Andre Striegel, NIST

Rheology and Small Angle Scattering
Kathleen Weigandt, NIST

Polymer Science and Advanced Solid State NMR
Ryan Nieuwendaal, NIST